Asbestos removal and disposal in the St George Area

30 Years Experience

During the 1920's to 1970's there was a massive housing expansion in the St George area. Due to cost restrictions that many families had and the availability and durability of asbestos products at the time many of the new houses were built using fibro sheeting along with a wide range of other building materials that were made using Asbestos fibres.

NSWAR are centrally located in Sydney's Silverwater within easy reach of all suburbs in the St George area. We are fully insured and qualified in the removal and disposal of bonded asbestos and are fully compliant with both NSW and the local St George councils removal and disposal regulations and requirements.

If you are concerned about the building materials that have been used in your old St George house, garage, outhouse or shed then give us a call and we can organise to test the materials and help put your mind at ease.

Our highly professional asbestos removal team have extensive experience and are safety trained to ensure that all projects have a safety led approach. We treat your safety and your family's safety very seriously.

Call us now on 0407 050 694 to discuss your project. You will be amazed at how cost effective it is to get the professionals in to do the job.